A Tiny Muji Haul

Today I thought I would share a few bits I got recently from Muji. If you haven’t heard of it before Muji is a Japanese homeware shop which sells a small amount of stationery. This stationery is usually very cheap and very nice to use.

I bought two of the smooth writing gel ink pens in the 0.5 size. Usually I prefer the 0.38 gel pen but my 0.5 ran out of ink and this is what I prefer for my coursework because the sketchbooks I use have very thick paper and I find this pen writes nicer than the finer 0.38. I also bought refills for this pen, I think this is one of the things I like most about Muji, they sell refills for all of their pens so you don’t need to buy an entirely new pen.

I also bought a mechanical pencil, I had originally intended on just buying the refill but they were sold out so I bought an entire pencil instead. This is my favourite type of mechanical pencil to use just now, it has a nice weight to it and I like how it fits in my hand.

I also bought some refills for my pen eraser, this works almost exactly like the mechanical pencil but it has a rubber instead of lead. I find this much easier to use as well because it is pencil shaped rather than the smaller typical eraser shape.

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3 Responses to “A Tiny Muji Haul”

  1. Ai Harun

    Cheap is relative. Pound is bigger than yen, that’s why you think Muji is cheap. Whereas I’m from Malaysia where our money has very small value. Hence I think Muji is a bit on the expensive side. 🙂 However, my daughter loves Muji things. I agree with you that the mechanical pencil has very a nice feel to it. I’m using it too.


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