A Tiny Muji Haul

Today I thought I would share a few bits I got recently from Muji. If you haven’t heard of it before Muji is a Japanese homeware shop which sells a small amount of stationery. This stationery is usually very cheap and very nice to use.

I bought two of the smooth writing gel ink pens in the 0.5 size. Usually I prefer the 0.38 gel pen but my 0.5 ran out of ink and this is what I prefer for my coursework because the sketchbooks I use have very thick paper and I find this pen writes nicer than the finer 0.38. I also bought refills for this pen, I think this is one of the things I like most about Muji, they sell refills for all of their pens so you don’t need to buy an entirely new pen.

I also bought a mechanical pencil, I had originally intended on just buying the refill but they were sold out so I bought an entire pencil instead. This is my favourite type of mechanical pencil to use just now, it has a nice weight to it and I like how it fits in my hand.

I also bought some refills for my pen eraser, this works almost exactly like the mechanical pencil but it has a rubber instead of lead. I find this much easier to use as well because it is pencil shaped rather than the smaller typical eraser shape.

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