Choir Choir Choir Sings David Bowie

Another short post today and I apologise for that. If you follow me on Instagram you would be able to see that I am currently redecorating my bedroom and want to get it as finished as possible before my new bed arrives. This means I have two days to clean and paint, and for some reason I decided to make that job even harder by doing a feature wall.

Anyway I thought I would share this youtube channel I’ve been listening to over the last few days. Choir Choir Choir is based in Canada made of singers and non-singers and they meet every week to perform large-scale public pop songs. They have uploaded a number of their songs to their YouTube channel. They did Space Oddity and The Man Who Sold The World in tribute to Bowie but they’ve also covered a number of other songs as well. God Only Knows being one of my favourite but they’ve done loads of old rock songs.

This is a great little music channel to check out if you get the chance. Anyway I’m going back to painting.

Thanks for reading.
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