A Weekly Dokibook Layout

Today I thought I would share a weekly layout in my new planner. I am currently using a Constellations Dokibook with the week on two pages hourly inserts from Filofax. I actually really like these inserts, the paper is nice quality and the layout works with how I plan, I don’t always use the timings, but it’s a good space for writing lists.

This week has been a little weird in that I’ve been too busy to actually plan anything out. Normally my weekly layout would be a little fuller than this. The stickers I used are from TsuStore and Itspaperco. I have a EC kit from HelloPetitePaper that I’m using this month and the header and number stickers are from PaperKumaco (I love this shop and Jeanette does also custom header stickers which are great).

Thanks for reading.
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