4 Creative People To Watch On YouTube

I really enjoy watching videos made by artists and illustrators on Youtube. I find their videos can inspire me to create something new. I thought today I would share 4 artists I’ve been watching recently.

Natasha Nuttall

Natasha is a freelance graphic designer living in London, I’ve have only just discovered her YouTube channel and I love it. She makes videos about design and stationery and interesting design related things to see in London. She also has a blog over at Graphique Fantastique which I love and have spent most of the day reading through.


Annabell is a fashion textile student as Rhode Island School of Design. I only started watching her videos in September and since then she has gained 80,000 subscribers and totally deserves them. She makes videos about fashion and makeup along with vlogs about her time at RISD.

Paige Poppe

Paige is an artist living in Arizona. Her art work is inspired by her surroundings, mostly featuring cacti and bright flowers. I love her style of video making. She makes vlogs most weeks about the projects she is working on.

Studio Jess

Jess is a children’s book illustrator and makes videos about being an illustrator. She mostly paints with watercolours and has a really cute style. I love her speed paint videos.

Thanks for reading.
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