Goodbye For Now

I’ve decided to end blogmas here, I know Christmas isn’t for another week but no one seems to know when blogmas actually finishes so I decided to end when my holidays start. Let me know what you thought of this daily blogging thing, was it annoying or did you like the posts? 

I’ll be back January 1st with some sort of 2016 roundup and maybe even a thing on Sherlock S4, I can’t promise it will be coherent but it will be something. 

But I suppose for now, goodbye, have a good Christmas and all the best for the new year 🙂


Here We Go Again!

Took my mum to see Mamma Mia for her birthday and it was fantastic, apart from a slight technical glitch during the I Dos which happened so fast you couldn’t tell if it was part of the show or an actual problem. But its definitely one to see if you get the chance.