A March Wrap-Up

March has been a weirdly busy month, I say weirdly because it hasn’t actually been that busy. I’ve just been ill for most of it so I’ve had lots of work to catch up. It’s also been a pretty weird month for weather too. Only in Scotland could you go from snow storms to blazing sunshine within a few days.

The month started off with a little trip to GOMA. I’m not actually a fan of modern art but this museum is free to get into so it’s always worth a visit. The particular exhibition we went to seemed to be about rubbish being turned into art (rubbish isn’t art imo), but they had covered the windows in paint which looked pretty cool.

March was also the month where I hit 500 posts on my blog. My 500th post was actually my March: Plan With Me. I had been planning on doing a big post round up but haven’t had time so I’ve decided to shelve it for now. My blog will also be turning 5 at the end of this year so expect something big then instead.

I finally wrote a post about how I edit my Instagram photos. But in a weird turn of events I haven’t actually uploaded anything to Instagram since. I got into a habit of putting things on Twitter instead. I should really go back to using Instagram though cause I like it.

I went to see Beauty and the Beast a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it. I’m going to do a post about it at some point but it will be similar in style to the I Didn’t Like Cinderella post. Everyone seemed to really like that style of liveblogging a movie which is good because I enjoyed writing it.

I spent about a month creating the logo for the Anti Fascist Babe Club run by Liv over at Petticoats and Patriarchy and I finally got to write a post all about it. I really enjoyed working on that project and it you’re interested in finding out more about the AFBC you should definitely sign up to the newsletter.

In my March PWM I mentioned that I was transitioning from a bullet journal style planning system to the more classic Filofax style. Well I ended up buying a Dokibook from Love Doki and it’s gorgeous. I could do a blog post on how I’ve got it all set up but it won’t be anywhere near as interesting as my bullet journal posts. It’s really just lists and lists and more lists. #artstudentlife

I’ve also been working on a few fun projects just now for class. One involved redesigning the cover of To Kill A Mockingbird which is much much harder than it sounds. The other was all about editorial design which is seriously the most fun. Like I think I’m going to try making a zine at some point this year because I enjoyed it so much.

And the most exciting thing to happen in March was my sister getting engaged. Which also means I may be turning into Bridget Jones.

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Am I Pretending To Be A Book Blogger?

Maybe it was a good thing I didn’t buy that copy in Waterstones since the special edition I preordered also came signed.

A week ago I was in a Waterstones and came across a copy of The Song Rising by Samantha Shannon. This is not particularly surprising because it was close to the release date. But when I saw that book last week, it was on a shelf 5 days before the official release. Normally during occasions like this I will had a tiny freak out moment in the store, immediately buy the book then come home and tell everyone on the internet that I got a book before the release date.

This time it wasn’t quite like that. This time I noted that it happened to be a book I wanted to read. Was surprised to see that it already had money off. Then had a little think about whether I really needed to buy that book. Yes it is one I want to read, I  enjoyed The Bone Season and The Mime Order. But I also already had the book on pre-order (though it wouldn’t be too hard to cancel that). There was also the fact that it was very unlikely I would read this book any time soon. So I did something I’ve never done in a bookstore before. I didn’t buy a book I wanted to read.

This is happening more and more regularly now. I don’t go into book shops all that often. I’m buying books even less and I hardly read anything at all. As of Wednesday the 8th of March it has been a week since I last picked up a book. And the thing is I’m totally okay with that. I’m tired, I don’t have much time and as a result I’m not reading so much. I still write blog posts about books I just don’t write so many actual book reviews. I’m sure some people would be horrified to see they were 5 books behind on their Goodreads challenge but it doesn’t bother me. To me reading 52 books has always been something I want to try and do every year, it’s not something I have to do.

But the thing is I have become known on the internet as a book blogger. I don’t call myself that but companies like putting people into groups and somehow I’ve become known as a book blogger even though I write about other things too. But I feel like I shouldn’t be called a book blogger anymore because I’m not doing the one thing book bloggers are mostly known for. That being reviewing books.

But that makes me think if writing about books I’ve read in the past is enough to make me a book blogger. I don’t go all into the literary analysis, I’m not the sort of person to write essays on why Dumbledore was the worst character in the whole Harry Potter series. All I do is recommend books, and you can only recommend the same books so many times. So basically, am I a book blogger? Sort of.

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*This post has been sponsored by Lemsip Cold and Flu tablets (only joking (also not joking)).

A February Wrap-Up

Is it just me or has this month gone past really quickly? It probably doesn’t help that I’m writing this post a week before it goes live. Anyway here’s everything that happened in February.

A February Wrap-Up | bluchickenninja.com

The most important thing about this month was Philip Pullman announcing the release of a new trilogy in the His Darkest Materials universe. I must be really out of the loop because apparently he’s been talking about these books for years. Anyway I am ridiculously excited and immediately pre-ordered The Book of Dust. Also a tip: if you read these books as a kid do yourself a favour and go read them again. You’ll get so much more out of this story as an adult, especially with The Amber Spyglass and that whole destroying heaven thing.

I managed to read 3 books this month. Thanks to a tip from Jess I got Ink and Bone and Paper and Fire for £1 each. I read both books in about 3 days and will have reviews either up now or going up soon. I also read Luna: Wolf Moon this month and loved it but that review won’t go up till the end of March.

I’ve been learning how to screen print in class just now and it’s like the best fun. Seriously if you ever get the chance to do screen printing do it!

A February Wrap-Up | bluchickenninja.com

Yes I am dedicating a whole section of this post to a mug because I bought a mug from Little Bookish Gifts and it’s like my new favourite mug and I literally haven’t used any other mug since it arrived. I just really like nice mugs okay.

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On Having Time

On Having Time | bluchickenninja.com

It has been 3 years now since I was first diagnosed with CFS. Around 3 and a half since I first got CFS. And in that time I’ve come to realise how valuable my time is. I need to explain. I’ve been blogging for almost 5 years. At the beginning I decided I would write a post once a week. This would go up on a Sunday. I don’t think I managed that at all. I wrote like 2 or 3 posts a month. I was still making YouTube videos at the same time but not very frequently. At the time I told myself this is because I was busy with work. And I was, but not that busy. I was working part time so around 20 hours a week. Looking back I now realise this wasn’t actually a lot. I had ample amounts of free time that could have been spent blogging but instead I spent hours watching YouTube videos and scrolling around on Tumblr.

Now 3 years later and though I’m studying a full time course I would say I actually have more free time. I now know that I want to be doing something during that time, whether it be writing or designing or doing some other creative thing. But I can’t because the amount of energy I have is something I need to take into consideration. I’m now at this point where I’m watching YouTube videos or on Reddit and I’m annoyed because I know the thing holding me back from doing something is my CFS. And it really annoys me. I get so frustrated because I want to be doing something with my time and can’t do anything.

I guess what I’m trying to say is your time is a precious thing. Don’t waste it.

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The Art of Moana

I’ve been meaning to buy some of the Disney ‘art of’ books for a long time. If I had the money I would by every single Pixar one ever made (along with the one about colour scripts (it’s so pretty)). After seeing Moana I knew I had to buy this book. I loved that movie so much, and the animation was fantastic. You can really see how much the studio has improved with doing water.

The one thing I liked about this book is that it had 2D renderings and concept art. Which is really nice to look at. It gives you an idea of what this movie may have looked like if they did it in a 2d style. Looking at this it makes me sad that Disney have stopped making 2d movies. I have nothing against 3d animation but I prefer the 2d stuff, but that may just be the nostalgia talking.

I haven’t actually read this book. Though I probably should. I really only buy art books for the pictures. But I’m a graphic designer and the pictures are (to me) the important thing anyway.

The Art of Moana | bluchickenninja.com The Art of Moana | bluchickenninja.com The Art of Moana | bluchickenninja.com The Art of Moana | bluchickenninja.com The Art of Moana | bluchickenninja.com
The Art of Moana | bluchickenninja.com

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