Celebrating Five Years Of Blogging

The 31st of December 2017 marks my blog’s fifth birthday. Technically it is quite a bit older than that, my original WordPress account was made around 2010. Since I’m no longer blogging on WordPress.com I don’t count that as a real anniversary. Anyway my blog turned 5 and I’m genuinely amazed that I’ve managed to […]

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The State of the Ninja

bluchickenninja the state of the ninja graphic

It has been four months since I last posted so I thought I should give a little update on where I’ve been. The short explanation is I’ve been ill. I got a cold right at the start of January and it took till around March for it to properly go away. Then in April I […]

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My 2017 Goals

It’s that time again where we all make goals for the year that we start out really enthusiastic about but never end up achieving. Or is that just me? Anyway here are the things I want to do in 2017: Camera. I want to take it with me more and document the things I’m doing. […]

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A Cat Called Oscar

Today’s post is all about Oscar. We got him about 9 years ago, at the time we hadn’t been planning on getting another cat. Our previous cat had died just a few months before. But around that same time my best friends family decided they were going to immigrate to Australia and needed to re-home their […]

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A Week In My Life

My last few weeks at college were slightly hectic. Our final project was a ‘personal’ project (basically you could do what you want). I decided to design the logo for a book shop because logo design is surprisingly fun. Today I thought I would share what my week was like while getting started on the […]

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A Day In My Life

digital clock

I decided to do something a little different today. On the 14th of January I took a photo of everything I did during the day and this is the result. Before I get any comments about it; yes I have a very boring life, I would do more if I could but someone needs to […]

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